Petra Nemcova to Wear Marchesa Wedding Dress

Petra Nemcova

Flynet Pictures

Petra Nemcova announced her engagement to British actor Jamie Belman in January, and she has already found a wedding dress.

“My dress will be Marchesa!” she tells adding that she may have several outfit changes. “It’s so beautiful and elegant.”

The model and Tsunami survivor says the wedding will likely take place in England although they have yet to pick a venue.

“Part of it will be more formal and part of it will be just lots of fun and just craziness,” she says. “We want a little bit of craziness.”

Nemcova and Belman met nine months ago and she says she knew right away he was The One.

“We fell in love really, really fast,” she says. “He is a real man. There are no layers. He’s not like an onion. He is who is. He’s incredibly loving, nurturing and caring and I love that.”

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