Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker Wedding

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker at Their Wedding

New York, New York

May 19, 1997

Matthew Broderick married Sarah Jessica Parker in a secret wedding ceremony on May 19, 1997. Guests were invited to New York for what they thought was a party only to discover the truth after they had arrived.

The groom wore a black off-the-rack suit, and the bride bought the first dress she saw, a ruffled black dress with full skirt. The couple wore black in an attempt to escape unwanted media attention.

The wedding took place at the Angel Oresanz Synagogue in front of 100 guests. The vows were officiated by Broderick’s sister, Episcopal minster Janet Broderick Kraft.

A reception followed the ceremony and included show tunes by the Peter Duchin’s Orchestra. Guests like Ron Rifkin and Bruno Kirby sang along until 2 a.m.

At the end of the evening, each guest received a wedding favor –- a piece of wedding cake with a note from the bride that read “Put this under your pillow, and dream of your true love.”

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