Jewel: Why I Waited 10 Years to Get Married

Jewel and Ty Murray    

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Jewel and Ty Murray eloped in the Bahamas on August 7, and the singer-songwriter says she has no regrets about the day.

“It was just private. We had about three months to plan it, and it was nice to get away,” she tells McClatchy Tribune News. “For people who are so busy and are working so hard, it was nice to have something simple that was just he and I and not having to worry about a hundred guests and make it into a job.”

Jewel says that when she and Ty called their parents with the good news, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

“Our families knew that we would elope. We’re pretty private people. I think they were just glad we got married.”

Although the couple met at a rodeo in 1999, they waited an entire decade before tying the knot.

“We’d been together 10 years, so I think the whole world was wondering what our problem was,” she says. “But we’re pretty thorough people. We never really felt pressured. And it was just something we wanted to make sure we got right. I don’t think divorce was ever something we considered an option, so we really wanted to take our time and get to know each other. And it takes a long time to get to know people.”  

Another consideration was starting a family. “We didn’t feel ready to start a family, and we finally got to the place in our careers that we felt like we’d like to start a family. That was a big consideration for getting married.”

Jewel and Ty recently announced they will be the first married couple to compete against each other on Dancing With the Stars season eight.

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